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We believe that SEO should be great, not just ‘good’

Why you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Having a great looking website isn’t enough to get it noticed. How do people find websites? By using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They tend to input certain search keywords and the search engine discovers sites that fit in with the keywords used. This is known as ‘Organic search’ and it’s the way that most people find websites. Will your website top the list? There’s plenty of competition out there! If you don’t beat them to poll position, your prospective client will visit your competitor’s site first. That’s why you need effective SEO and we’re the London-based company that gets you where you want to be: at the top of the list.

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The Value of SEO


Whether you’re new to the field of search engine optimization or an old pro, convincing others of the value of SEO can be challenging. Although the media environment is moving forward, not every company and individual is catching up. SEO is categorized as behind-the-scenes work that most marketing and PR professionals overlook as a valuable asset to driving web traffic and ultimately sales. It’s important to have solid evidence of the value of SEO under your tool belt for those inevitable conversations.

So where to begin? There’s plenty of questionable and straight up false information out there (don’t believe everything you here on the Internet). Finding trusted, experienced experts about the topic is necessary to understanding the industry, and also valuable for convincing the hold-outs.

An article from marketing news & expert advice website ClickZ entitled “Everybody’s Publishing Content – But Is Anybody Tracking It?” gives great insight on…

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Creating a Unique Sidebar for Pages (Nexus WordPress Framework)

Search Engine Marketing Adelaide

This tutiral explains how to create a unique sidebar for individual pages on the Nexus WordPress Framework.

from SD Mash

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How To Make A Search Engine Optimization Company Work For You

You Can’t Have Optimization Without Search Engine Optimization

Christine Lin

Even if you have the great content, it doesn’t mean anything if people can’t find it. That is what search engine optimization is all about. A company that helps businesses do it successfully is Moz. Their goal is to help people do better marketing. They help you get found no matter which way you choose to connect. Moz says that better marketing is having the right data, building websites to be found online, and having content that people love. By helping people do better marketing, Moz believes in sharing what they learn online and in person. Their guide to SEO and link building does just that.

Beginner's Guide to SEO

In Moz’s “Beginner’s Guide to SEO,” they go over what SEO is and the do’s and don’ts of SEO. They say that relevance and popularity is what SEO is meant to influence. Relevance makes good content since if it is great content and…

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Free SEO Analysis Tool – Elect Media Internet Marketing


The post Free SEO Analysis Tool Elect Media Internet Marketing appeared first on SEO Internet Marketing Chattanooga TN SEO | KhuELenne – Elect Media Web Design.

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Simple Way to Record Podcasts on Your iPhone

iTunes is the world’s easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. Tips and instructional podcasts regarding how to plan, record, edit, and promote your show. Find out more here.


With the recent resurgence of hype around podcasting, you may be wondering how best to record your own. There are plenty of apps out there to handle the task, but a new one called Opinion tackles it in a fun, simple and original way.

Available today for iOS, Opinion takes the unusual approach of showing the waveform of your recording vertically down the screen, as opposed the conventional horizontal view. This makes it feel a bit more ‘mobile native’ and makes it easy to assemble an entire podcast on the go, as you only need one hand to hold your device.

Video About Podcasts using your iPhone

Tap the ‘record’ button and your audio is…

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Waterlogue Review – Now Anyone Can Produce Stunning Watercolors [iOS]

Top Apple Stories from 2014



2014 has been  a great year for Apple Inc. Its superiority was retained by various Apple products rolled out throughout the year. Year 2014 was full of joy and surprises by Apple to its customers. Though Apple collapsed in some inventions, it managed to make a strong position in print media as well as in online media. We have listed down some of the most important and exciting Apple stories from the year 2014.

Apple Announcements of 2014

Apple Watch

Apple watch which is expected to come around springs of 2015 was officially announced in 2014. It is suppose to have features like authentication, notification, communication and much more. It is expected that this device will take the tech world to a new level making the computing task simple, convenient and interesting.

iPhones with Big Display

Earlier iPhones were not launched with big displays. But with the arrival of iPhone…

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How to update application name

sudhir's blog

To update an app name (ios/iphone app title)

1- Select your target

2- Select build setting


3- Find packaging -> product name. You can otherwise use the search box (“product name” or “packaging”)


Update app name as desired!

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