Top Apple Stories from 2014



2014 has been  a great year for Apple Inc. Its superiority was retained by various Apple products rolled out throughout the year. Year 2014 was full of joy and surprises by Apple to its customers. Though Apple collapsed in some inventions, it managed to make a strong position in print media as well as in online media. We have listed down some of the most important and exciting Apple stories from the year 2014.

Apple Announcements of 2014

Apple Watch

Apple watch which is expected to come around springs of 2015 was officially announced in 2014. It is suppose to have features like authentication, notification, communication and much more. It is expected that this device will take the tech world to a new level making the computing task simple, convenient and interesting.

iPhones with Big Display

Earlier iPhones were not launched with big displays. But with the arrival of iPhone…

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