How is WordPress good for SEO?

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WordPress is a very good web CMS that has enabled millions of people to publish their blogs or even run their business online. And there are lots of reasons to choose WordPress as your CMS and how is it good for SEO.

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Well organized CMS:
With wordpress, the design and content portion are quite separated from SEO. So an SEO expert can make changes in his tags, titles related to SEO without the website structure being affected.

Not required to learn entire WordPress:
You don’t need to be a developer or need developer’s assistance to configure SEO in wordpress. With SEO plugin being installed, you can manage your meta data and other SEO related configurations due to the ease of use.

Availability of plugins:
WordPress has immensely powerful plugins available for SEO like WordPress SEO by Yoast which assists you with SEO in a great manner. There are other good…

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